Black Luxe Candle Co.

“I didn’t choose this Candle Maker Life. This Candle life chose me”

Black Luxe Candle Co. founder and CEO, Brittany Taylor is a caring and compassionate self-care advocate. As someone who has personally experienced the loss of a loved one, she understands the importance of investing in one’s self to heal, decompress or to just simply transform your current experience. Brittany’s handmade candles are a response to the stresses and cares of life that change our moods and affect how we move.
She invites you to take a deep breath, indulge in yourself and inhale wellness and pure joy
Black Luxe Candle Co. was unintentionally started with Brittany’s love for self-care and paying that love forward as a handmade, candle gift to a friend – created right out of her home. One candle has evolved into a sophisticated brand with rich, luxurious fragrances that sets your desired moods and calms your senses.

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