DIY Cocktails & Candles Event: Unleash Creativity, Sip Delight!

Hey Friends!
Let's rewind to the epic DIY Cocktails & Candles event that went down on May 10th.
We kicked things off with a lemon drop cocktail and then started the process of a hands-on candle-making session. Laughter filled the air as people had the the opportunity to experiment with scents and some extra time to unwind
Then it was time to shake things up with Betti the Bartender she took the reins, and everyone became mixology maestros. We had a blast playing with spirits, juices, and garnishes, crafting custom cocktails and mocktails that looked and tasted amazing.
The sipping, mingling, and snacking kicked into high gear. People sipped on their unique creations, chatted it up, and made connections. We shared killer cocktail recipes, candle-making tips, and hilarious stories. The room was buzzing with good vibes.
The event was a mashup of creativity, relaxation, and friendship. Crafting candles and mixing drinks became a recipe for pure awesomeness. It was all about expressing yourself and having a damn good time.
In short, our DIY Cocktails & Candles event was off the charts! Huge shoutout to our team and Betti Bartender's for bringing the expertise and good vibes. And a massive thanks to all the awesome folks who made it a night to remember.
If you missed it, don't worry! More awesome events are coming. Get ready to relax, make cool stuff, and enjoy great cocktails and mocktails.
Here's to fun times ahead! Cheers!
Brittany and Julius

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