Winter Collection 2020

Let me tell you I became really emotional with completing this collection as it is my last collection for 2020 and I was thinking about how much Black Luxe has grown over the course of this year. When I was laid off from my job in April I had no idea how much I would lean on Black Luxe to get me through this trying time. It has given me so much joy to bring others happiness as we all struggle with our new reality. After dealing with my own personal struggles over the course of this year, I wanted to end 2020 with positive aspirations in mind. So, I themed my latest collection LOVE PEACE JOY, as this is what I work towards every day.

The LOVE PEACE JOY collection is my most premium collection with our handcrafted velvet-lined envelopes for our holiday cards, handcrafted tealight holders created by mom! And last but not least I saved a lot of my Black Luxe coins to get Ne-yo to say "Happy Holidays" to you!